MA Contemporary Art Practice Real World Contexts

Reflection on Real World Context

Reflecting on Real World Context: I have considered curation, contemporary art, meaning and the place of painting through the Venice Biennale and subsequent creative work. Links with cultural partners have led to enlightening conversations with the Whitworth Curators and in-depth explorations with first-hand experiences of the collections of artists connected to mysticism which has cross-fertilised my own development and work. I have considered what painting is through asking and answering key questions and have begun to consolidate and develop key themes and ideas such as perception, interconnectedness and contemporary mysticism.

Collaborations with  Sue Debney (paper and pulp), Jake Holden (digital art) and Ben Holden (film) have been particularly successful as have the research and exchange of ideas with the curators. These are both areas that I aim to creatively evolve.

Other real world avenues I have persued have been:

•Training with Castlefield Associates on the new Arts Council Funding

•Application for Autism and Criminal Justice system mural at Salford.

•Application, acceptance and training as a volunteer at the Whitworth with potential to work with collections in Autumn.

The Artist of the Future Age: William Blake, Neo-Romanticism, Counterculture and Now . Blake event at the Rylands booked for October.

•Solo exhibition arranged at Hebden Bridge Visitor Centre next April ( Working title The Crow-ness Of It All)

Postscript on Contemporary Mysticism

During this semester I began to notice mystical elements in the real world and collected a series of what I came to term Incidental Mysticism.

I aim to explore the themes and connections further and am now developing my own definition of Mysticism as it relates to my contemporary art pratice.

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