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The Re-appropriation of St George


The Re-appropriation of St George 02


The Dark Night of the Soul

The Dark Night of the Soul                                                  Acrylic on canvas                 1220 by 760 mm

Internal Conflict: Inspired by both Christian and Muslim belief in the East that St George can heal madness. In this image the person is imprisoned and is experiencing what we all go through at certain points in life; the profound transformational experience called the Dark Night of the Soul. St George is the champion of the inner struggle we all face at times. He represents courage, even when we can no longer see the way forward. He also is a symbol of faith, protection and self-belief.


The Integrated Knight

The Integrated Knight                                                                   Acrylic on canvas           1220 by 1220 mm

St George’s name means ‘the tiller of the Earth’. He no longer has a weapon but holds a shaft of wheat. He is surrounded by billowing wheat, representing the earth’s abundance.  The dark mountain in the background symbolises the dark and difficult journey he has undertaken. He has come to a place of peace; he has integrated his experiences of inner and outer conflict and is a shield for the people. St George is a protector and a reminder of our integral link to the land.
The princess is the soul, the mysterious nature of the cosmos and the symbol of universal woman and compassion. Together they represent the balance of Male and Female power that is today lacking in the world and without which we are lost.


The Spiritual Warrior

The Spiritual Warrior                                                                   Acrylic on canvas               1220 by 760 mm

External Conflict: The spiritual warrior needs redefining if peace is to come across the globe. The battle is within and without. The dragon represents any draconian rule or despotic ideologies that seek to take a stranglehold on the freedom, rights and integrity of people across the world. God is his shield. The Earthly experience is primal and takes place in a cave representing our limited perception of greater understanding. Outside the cave two very distant figures meet peacefully on a mountain representing a more compassionate form of communication.


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