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Exhibition of work for Bradford and Wells Cathedrals

Means a connection , empathy, attraction or bond with a person, idea or object. In the sense of this exhibition, it is the affinity we feel for certain shared ideas, beliefs, images and experiences. That which cannot be put into words but can be expressed through paint. The affinity with life and the journey we are all on. Paintings are windows to the soul and like meditations: they need time, space and contemplation to let their impact be felt.

This is an evolving exhibition of spiritually inspired paintings including work created especially for Cathedral spaces such as Ruth ( inspired by a recent visit to Wells) to add to a body of work of strong female icons. Joseph of Arimathea and St Michael are paintings inspired by a recent sketching trip I made exploring the local landscape and holy figures associated with it. There are descriptions next to the paintings giving further elucidation.

Several years ago I became moved by the plight and misunderstanding of our national symbol and how he has been misappropriated by the far right. I decided to claim him back. I wrote to the Archbishop of York with my idea and he wrote back giving me encouragement and his blessing. After two years intensive work, I have completed a triptych called the Re-appropriation of St George; claiming him back as a symbol of integrity, diversity and unity. What is lesser known is that he is a symbol of many countries and peoples. St George’s origins lie in the East and he is said to be of Syrian descent. I have explored the deeper themes associated with him and his connection to our shared universal human experiences across the world.

Affinity has been several years in the making. The process has been creative, inspired, at times arduous and ultimately fulfilling. 
I ask: What do you feel an affinity for?


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