Real World Context

What is Real? What contexts are relevant for my work? Who are the lead practitioners and main agencies in these contexts? What strategies and methods can I develop and utilise in contextual research and practice? What is painting in the context of contemporary art?

These are some of the questions we have asked ourselves during our contextual dialogue with our colleagues. In order to move forward I need to assess where I am at present. Responding to critical feedback from my tutor is a valid place to begin and to use this to inform the process of exploration, insight and development.

Areas for development are to consider more contemporary artists and to consider different uses of paint. An exploration of the ‘mystical’ and similarly ‘symbolism and metaphor’. As I develop this blog I aim to explore these questions, ask and answer those arising with cultural partners such as the Whitworth and also to collaborate with professional peers in other fields such as film and digital art. I aim to explore different possibilities and contexts by employing diverse methods; some tried and tested and some new and burgeoning.