Glastonbury and Wells

Fantastic trip to Glastonbury and Wells where I sketched and painted on Wearyall Hill, reflected in Chalice Well Garden and sketched in Wells Cathedral gaining a great feel for the place. I am now developing my final pieces for the exhibition which I will reveal in the traditional manner at the Cathedral rather than online..

My Art Exhibition at Bradford Cathedral

Art Exhibition at Bradford Cathedral by Lisa Kilty

Art Exhibition at Bradford Cathedral by Lisa Kilty

I am having an Art Exhibition at Bradford Cathedral: All welcome. Preview on Friday 21st April at 7-8:30.
Some of the work has been created especially for the Cathedral including strong female icons and the Annunciation for the Lady Chapel.
Also a large triptych , 2 years in the making, called ” The Re-appropriation of St George”, claiming him back from the far right where he has been misappropriated.

Crown of Thorns


Been working on the flowers which are symbols of Mary. Roses with the thorns like the beginning and the end of her journey. Used very thick magenta crimson and bergundy wity dynamic brushstrokes to create the roses. Really enjoyed creating them as they seemed to flow out of the brush.