Art Statement

I am an artist living and working in Blackshaw Head where my studio overlooks the misty Pennine Hills.

I have an ND in Art and Design and an MA in Hispanics from Glasgow University. I have travelled widely in Spain, Portugal and South America, where the intense luminosity of light and colour profoundly influenced my artwork.

I have always painted: I like a painting to emeLisa Kiltyrge from the canvas.  I work mainly in acrylics on canvas, for the jewel-like colour, flexibility, durability and the quick drying time between layers of paint – of which there are many.

My work is infused with Celtic and Hispanic influences, as my heritage is English and Irish, and my area of expertise is in Hispanic Arts. My themes and sources of inspiration to date include: figures, faces, birds, dreams, archetypes, icons, symbols, meditation, mythology, journeys and sacred places.

I am inspired by our spiritual heritage and all the themes therein. At present I am working on a series of paintings about the ancient history and spiritual heritage of Britain. I am using ancient writings, histories and archaeological findings and treasures as part of my creative process, in order to anchor the mystical, visionary aspect of my painting with a sense of reality: It is a way of exploring our shared, evolving heritage.

After two years intensive work, I have completed a triptych about the Re-appropriation of St George; claiming him back from the Far right as  a symbol of integrity and unity.  I have explored the deeper themes associated with him and his fascinating connections across the world.

I am currently creating a body of work for a solo exhibition at Bradford Cathedral this Spring 2017  April 22nd – May 30th ,which will include the triptych of St George. I am working on a large painting of the Annunciation to go in the Lady Chapel and have been very engrossed in this. Posts to come…


Lisa has exhibited independently and as part of the Outsider Art Movement in Leeds, London, York, Berlin and Valencia. She is currently represented by Sable and Ox and a wide selection of her work can be found at:  Her  paintings, prints and cards can also be found locally in Spirals and the Earth Spirit Shop, Hebden Bridge: and in her etsy shop