Exploring Theory and Practice MA Contemporary Art Practice

All that we see or seem is but a zine within a zine

Adaptation of quote from the poem A Dream within a Dream by Edgar Allen Poe (1849)

” All that we see or seem,

is but a dream within a dream”

Exploring a variety of zine formats within the lecture.

I was particularly drawn to the A5 folding out into the A3 ‘posteresque‘ format below. The idea of something beautifully made with a limited number yet that was free appealed to my sense of equality.

Following the link of interstice I wanted to create enough to communicate some of the process and background yet not too much to dictate the experience. This in effect would be my non invasive contribution to the symposium. My printed bridge of the gap between the paintings. A reflective experience for the viewer to absorb.

In a serendipitous collision of events the week before the symposium we had staff presentations 26.11.19 that included Alex Mitchell from the Archive & Special Collections of Salford University. She showcased the collections and the work of artists who had used archives such as Sarah Coggrave. This gave me the context for some of my source material; the family photo archive, particularly the women’s protest movement at Greenham Common that my late mum had wholeheartedly supported and documented.

I folded the sheet in a variety of ways to vary the experience and narrative of the zine. It depended which format was selected and how the viewer picked it up as to how the zine unfolded. The title could be Interstice or The Gaps Between the Stories. One became the story within and the other the story that enclosed it.